Johann Taljaard PhD Researcher in Technology Enhanced Learning
at National College of Ireland

Recent Work

Protocol for scoping review

Multisensory Technologies in a STEAM classroom in Secondary Education - a review of the literature



The research programme at National College of Ireland aims to produce graduates who are experts in their discipline and expert researchers, but also individuals with skills suited to employment in a number of areas. Lectures the latest concepts in adaptive learning technology, the application of technology to learning, gain an understanding of the science of technology enhanced learning and the testing of these techniques for their suitability. At NCI you have access to state of the art equipment in The National e-Learning Laboratory (NELL). The lab consists of sophisticated hardware and software that can observe up to four learners simultaneously. This is done through video and audio recording, screen-capture, keyboard and mouse logging and eye-tracking. Researchers can then observe, record and analyse the behaviour of students interacting with e-learning resources. This data will allow researchers to evaluate the students’ learning experience in terms of the quality of engagement, learning gain, efficiency, effectiveness and usability.
This usability lab is one of the most sophisticated of is kind in Ireland and has the potential to make a very important contribution to the continuous improvement of learning and teaching methodologies in on-line environments. This project is funded by Enterprise Ireland.


"As an outstanding and top 5 NCI graduate of the BSc (Hons) in Computing programme, Mr Johann Taljaard was accepted for the NCI MSc/PhD in Technology enhanced Learning programme. He graduated with a H1 award and an overall result of 76.0. During his studies he was an ambitious, serious and hardworking person looking to achieve high assessment results in all modules. His high interest in the area of mobile computing and his motivation to do research in this filed is also demonstrated by his decision to do Network and Mobile Technologies specialisation in the 4th year. His final mark for the Multimedia and Mobile Application Development module was very high: 81.70. Hi also scored a very high result (76.0) for the final year project that involved the development of a mobile application."
"Considering all these aspects I believe that he has high potential and the skills required to perform research and he is highly motivated and capable of working on a new research project towards achieving a PhD degree."
"Dr. Cristina Muntean, Lecturer MSc Mobile Technologies Programme Director National College of Ireland"

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